Chef recipes


Aromatic crispy lamb ribs


This dish highlights the "fragrance" and "crispy" taste of the lamb rib along with the rib's own very fresh natural taste. Under the crispy golden skin, the lamb ribs are tender inside and full of flavour, which can be incredibly addictive for you.


House speciality fish


House speciality fish is a newly emerged type of fish dish in recent years very popular in China's Sichuan and Chongqing provinces. It is made with fish and a variety of spices. When the dish is brought to the table, the oil poured on the fish is still passionately sizzling, creating hot steams over the plate, and gives strong visual impact.


House speciality sizzling combination


Our house speciality sizzling combination uses the top range selection of ingredients,including beef, chicken and seafood. When the freshly cooked ingredients are sizzling on the hot iron plate, sending out mouth watering aroma,it will surely awake each and every of your senses to the best enjoyment of the food.


Braised king prawn in chili cumin sauce


Hand picked large-size fresh king prawns with various spices cooked with hot chilli and cumin, this special dish features in irresistible fragrance and rich flavour and is one of the most popular special Sichuan dish currently.


Sliced pork lavishly topped with chili and Sichuan pepper


This is a traditional Sichuan style dish. The pork is tender and fragrantly spicy, bathing in rich flavoured red and hot soup.It can go really well with steamed rice. The dish unites all four typical Sichuan food features of tingling, hot and spicy,fragrance and fresh taste in one dish. It is definitely the first choice of spicy eaters.


Sichuan style chicken in green pepper sauce


We bath the chicken in boiling hot water first, boil it afterwards, then steam it until perfect tenderness and dip in cold water in the end to cool it down. After all these effort, we dry the chicken and massage it thoroughly with delicious sesame oil. When the oil is absorbed into the chicken, we pour fresh green pepper sauce with chilli on the chicken to finish it up. To Sichuanese mums, mapo toufu and twice cooked pork are just normal home-made dishes, whereas the Sichuan style chicken in green pepper sauce is the real secrete speciality in a joyful family get-together dinner party.